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About Us

At HOOKBONE we know that you want to connect with others. In order to do that, you need information, gear and a like-minded community to live your best life outdoors. The problem is that you love doing things outdoors, but it's hard to find others who enjoy doing those same things, which makes you feel like a lone wolf.

We believe you deserve to be a part of a pack. We understand how hard it is to find others who are as passionate about the outdoors as you are, which is why we're passionate about providing a community where outdoor lovers can come together and become a tribe.

Here's how we do it:

1. Choose Your Gear

  • Choose the gear that makes you, YOU. 

2. Join the Trive

  • Become a part of the HOOKBONE community and find others who love the outdoors as much as you do.

3. Find Your Next Adventure

  • Check out our blogs and videos to continue learning about the outdoors and discovering what your next great adventure could be.

Stop missing out, and start making new friends and new memories.