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Our Family Story

Fried fish and cheese grits were a staple in our home and the last few mullet gizzards were worth the fight to get them. Gulf Shores, Alabama was where our family called home and we spent our time fishing, skiing or just playing in the boat. If you couldn't find us on the water, then we were most likely in the woods. Hunting and fishing for us was more than a trophy and bragging rights. It was the camaraderie, the food, and the family. 
My youngest daughter and I, with a lot of comments from mamma and the oldest daughter, set out to come up with a name and a design that would represent our families love for the water and the woods and you guessed it... HOOKBONE.
We all share the same passion for God's great outdoors. 
So we invite you to join our family, the HOOKBONE family
Oh yeah, you might spot the HOOKBONE truck around. If you do happen to spot us, take a photo! Post it to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, and if we repost it we'll send you a free HOOKBONE decal! So keep your eyes peeled!